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Texan Loses Thousands in Roofing Scam

Roofing Scam Cost Texans Thousands of Dollars Each Year

Roofing Scams Cost Texans Thousands of Dollars Each Year

In a that big city not too far south of us a fellow Texans lost thousands of dollar to a crooked roofing contractor! Roofing Scam by crooked roofing contractors gives all other roofers a bad name.

Source Article: Texas man loses thousands in roof repair scam

I want to highlight a few warning signs that should have raised the homeowner’s suspicions about this roofing scam.

1. The Roofing Contractor stated that he would cover the deductible. A reputable roofing contractor should not offer to cover your deductible because this is considered insurance fraud. The insurance company requires that you pay the deductible to the roofer contractor.

Dallas Lawyer Steve Badger says. “It is criminal insurance fraud. You have basically lied to your insurance company about the cost of your roof.” In an interview with Dallas New in May 2017.

Source: Roofer’s Facebook video goes viral with leaky claims about paying deductibles

2. The homeowner didn’t ask for references. He said, “Just from the way they were talking, I had no reason to not believe they’re on the up and up. They know what they’re doing, they know the business.” When hiring a roofing contractor you must ask for references.

3. The roofing contractor asked for the first check up front! “These scam artist contractors will say, ‘Hey, all we need is we need that first check. You give that to us, we’ll get you scheduled to go,’ and then in the worst cases they just disappear.”

Homeowners should not give the roofing contractors a check until the materials are delivered, and that first check should be used by the roofing contractor to cover the cost of roofing materials. This protects the homeowner for being ripped off.

Some additional roof scam red flags include:

  • An 800 phone number for the business
  • An out-of-state address
  • Or out-of-state license plates on the contractor’s vehicles.

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